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I have always been interested in fashion and dressing up for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I always made it a point to “match” everything, and even wore dresses everyday to school for my entire 2nd grade school year. This interest has stuck with me to the present day and has grown into something that I have become very passionate about. I plan to take this passion and turn it into a career. I attend FIDM LA as a Fashion Design major. Coming from a small town and living with a small budget, I have to be creative in achieving the kind of style I like. This blog is a side project that shows that fashion can be affordable by posting my favorite outfits, DIY sewing projects, and documents my journey at FIDM.

Monday, October 3, 2011

First weekend in LA

So much has happened since arriving to LA on Wednesday. I've officially moved in to my new apartment and registered for my classes. I love the place, my schedule, and just everything about this city! So in a nutshell, here's what I've been up to lately:

View from our apartment

Me and Christian Siriano! I ended up winning one of the $50 gift cards they were raffling off at the event.

Bought this at the Christian Siriano event.

I love going here! So much to do.

I also met Steve Madden at The Grove in Nordstrom. Everyone received a free tshirt and tote bag, which he signed. Mine reads, "Be where your feet are." They also gave away a bunch of free shoes, but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky this time around.

Tomorrow is orientation all day, then a job fair Tuesday, and classes start Wednesday! Can't wait to meet more people and start learning about all kinds of things.



  1. Looks like you have been having fun. Jealous you are studying at FIDM! Love your Steve Madden bag...I would love to meet him!

    follow each other?

  2. Soooo jealous you met Christian. I'm such a fan!

    xoxo Ally